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I have more than 20 years of professional musical experience as a keyboard and brass player (trombone, euphonium, tuba) in classical, jazz, and pops venues.  As both a performer and a engineer, I know what a performance should sound like.  Started with multi-track tape equipment and soon upgraded to various recording packages.  Currently I used a Roland VS2400CD which allows me to record in CD format so I can punch master CDs immediately after sessions for review.  I have a complete library of microphones, stands, and headphones for recording to go with the Roland VS. 

Key Benefits


I have a fair library of microphones and the necessary hardware to do a complete job.   Many of my jobs have been student recitals at the University of North Texas, but my jobs have covered everything from community wind ensembles, live bands, and cast recordings.  Got a Family Jug Band?  Kids doing their first recital?  Why not have a broadcast quality CD of that performance?   Need an Audition CD?  How about presents for the family of your music for the holidays?  Think of all the ways you can say it with Music.  I can also record poetry and we can put music and effects under the spoken word as well.  Many music retailers now offer easy to use duplication services.

I also now have a very powerful 3 manual digitally sampled AGO electronic organ which is available to record your demos direct to CD.  No microphones, no background noise, no airplanes flying over, no police sirens in the background, and no late night recording disturbances.  This is a perfect instrument for recording your demos for applying for church organ jobs, or for demos of your music for publishers.  Click this text to read about the organ.  Very reasonable rates for using this beautiful instrument.   You have your choice of recording with any or all of: an E. M. Skinner, German Classical, British Church, or a 2/7 or 3/31 Wurlitzer Theatre organs. 

 Here are a few examples of some of my projects:

Recordings using my equipment

Anton Mordasov is one of the finest pianists in the world.  He won a bronze at the Tchaikovsky Competition in Russia, and has been in the Van Cliburn twice.  Recently we completed his first sampler of original jazz music.   This was a turn-key project including graphics.  Anton used my Kurzweil K2600 SX for this performance.  Email me should wish to purchase a copy of this fine album.  This album is all original Anton compositions.  Please click on the links below to hear what a classically trained pianist can come up with in the modern jazz idiom.  He plays so well that I feel like a bum by comparison!

Click here to hear a bit of 'Good Times'    Click here to hear a bit of 'Bartok Meets Porter'
On Site Recordings

The Age of Steam Railroad Museum was given a calliope which I have repaired and play on special occasions.  Demand warranted a recording of the instrument.  The calliope is not only hard to play, but hard to record as it can be heard up to 2 miles away being a 2 and a half octave chromatic collection of steam powered whistles.   This CD is on sale at the Museum of the American Railroad.  All proceeds go to the Age of Steam Railroad Museum.

Multi-track and Large Projects

A few years back I received a commission to record Holy Cross Catholic Church in Corpus Christi Texas.   The goal in this project was to capture the choir exactly as it sounds on Sunday morning.  The choir is a joy to listen to if you have any appreciation of Gospel.