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I can provide not only general computer consulting and repair, but software, graphic, web, and documentation development as well.

Key Benefits


With over 25 years experience in the computer trade from programmer to vice president I can provide many perspectives to any project whether its a turn key job or just implementation advice.

PC Software Development
If a specific application is needed I have experience with MS Access, MS SQL Server and Visual Basic, however I prefer creating systems in a more efficient and complete development environment such as Clarion 6.0.  Clarion combines true object oriented development with built in reporting and database tools.  Complete applications can be distributed without licensing fees to Clarion. 
Systems Implementation and Design
Having been involved with the implementation of large scale accounting systems in the legal time and billing environment, I know what deadlines are reasonable and what both users and managers expect in and from systems.   I spent 20 years in the software development of these system, along with customer support, project management, and software distribution.
One of my many duties as a programmer / system analyst was to not only work with and create specifications, but to actually write the user documentation for the projects as well including overviews, programmer's guides, project notebooks,  reference manuals, and tutorials.  More often than not the documentation department merely spell checked my documentation before passing it into service.  I also gave User's Group Seminars on documenting business practices and system information making system recovery and personnel changes infinitely less traumatic.
Web Design and Implementation
As a computer program and senior manager and engineer I know what a final product needs to look like, and I know that our products serve the user.   Not only can I build a web site, but I can also provide the needed graphic design and photography needed to bring your presence to market.  My latest web site was for the Rocking N Ranch.  I also provide free web development services to the Empower Your Future program.