Welcome to the Opus 1 Listening Room

Here you can listen to screeching renditions of songs you will barely recognize! 

1) Procession of the Nobles from Mlada by Rimsky Korsakov - this is a Lemare-ish organ transcription I did years ago and is performed by my laptop computer playing the 1928 E. M. Skinner sample set.  More information about the E. M. Skinner is located at: http://www.milandigitalaudio.com/skinner.htm.

2) Jupiter from The Planets by Gustav Holst - Another Lemare-ish organ transcription I did during the same period, this also is performed by my laptop computer playing the 100 stop organ from Ubberwerk.  More information about Oberwerk can be found at: http://www.milandigitalaudio.com/oberwerk.htm.

3) Let there be Peace on Earth by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson - here is my actual playing on my Hamilton / Baldwin D-910 digital 2 manual organ which preceded the Opus 1 project, but showed how well the Hauptwerk system works.  However, this file is the Baldwin's own voices.   It had very nice voices.  The Baldwin was sold in 12/2008 and has moved to Kansas. 

4) Melody in F by Anton Rubenstein - my playing a humorous version  of this classic.  I have often played with with my friend Anton Mordasov, who is a gifted concert pianist in many crazy ways, and I give him (and his sense of humor) a nod in my interpretation.   This is played on the Masterworks 3-31 theatre organ sample set.   The spec on the 3-31 is at: http://www.milandigitalaudio.com/mw3-31.htm.

5) Men of Harlech - This beautiful hymn (played too fast) was made famous by the move Zulu (which was Micheal Cain's first movie) about the men, about 150, holding out at Rourk's Drift against thousands of Zulus in Africa after the Zulu army wiped out a British Column in the morning (movie Zulu Dawn).  The Zulus begin chanting and the defenders sing this hymn in defiance after fending off a day's worth of attacks.  This hymn is a big favorite of my history buddies who liked the film.   Again my playing on the 3-31, and I also used the transposing capabilities of the Hauptwerk software.  32' stops are employed so check your sound system with it. .  .