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Simply click on a title and the video will download and play (so WAIT A BIT!).

This is a typical video production using stock footage and stills.  The project is a presentation to the Frisco city council regarding the move of the Museum of the American Railroad from Dallas to Frisco:  Click Me  This is a 256K 10 Mbyte windows media file.

Another interesting vid - 256K WMA - My cuzin Max's first skateboard vid - he's pretty good at it to.  Click to Sk8!

I have also recently finished a music video of a local school choir - a 512K 15 Mbyte WMA file: Come Together.   I did everything but the audio in this production. 

I now have a Sony VX-1000 and a Canon GL1 Digital Video Cameras.  The GL1 was my most recent acquisition.  Both of these cameras only have microphone inputs which are very sensitive and a real problem when using with pro-audio gear.  To make it work you need a Pad Box which I built from plans on the internet  with about $10 worth of components.  I used the simplest design - 100/10K (later 33K) ohms unbalanced.  The Pad Box allows for direct input from instruments like the Arnstein Opus 1 organ.

  My most recent video using the GL1 is the Gospel Hymn "Jesus What a Beautiful Name" played on both the Arnstein Opus 1 Virtual Pipe organ on an E. M. Skinner Organ, and a Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.  Theatre Organs are born to play Gospel.

Jesus What a Beautiful Name:  On the Skinner in 512K WMV format and in MOV format

Jesus What a Beautiful Name:  On the Wurlitzer in 512K WMV format and in MOV format.

 The Opus 1 Organ on the Wurlitzer with the VX 1000 MOV file format:  Swing Medley  Love Smiles

This section contains the first video jam sessions with my esteemed bud Anton Mordasov.  These were done with a consumer camcorder generously loaned to me by a good friend.  The camcorder only could record audio through its built in microphone so considerable massaging was done to the sound track.  The video is good though.  These are 100K WMA files

Aquarius / Old Man River  Bo Jangles  Can't Help Lovin Dat Man  Downtown / Edelweiss

  Girl From Ipanema  Lady Madonna / Melody in F

And here are some new Jamz with Anton with the VX 1000 and direct audio in:

Old Scat Man River    Edlewiess Fried   Spinning Wheel  Try a little Tenderness  Try to Remember

More recordings - Music Videos of Nick Chatham from his Whole Foods Whole Hearted Singing: (Sony VX)

 1st Song   God Was There (original song)   Heard it through the Grapevine   Hurricane

Nick is the son of Joe Chatham who runs the Empower Your Future Program.  Nick has talent!

Just got this new to me camera - a canon GL1


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